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With the WAHLER brand, under the umbrella of Thermal Management Solutions, we offer you a diverse and particularly broad product portfolio of thermostats and oil temperature thermostats in the highest OE quality.
With over 120 years of technological experience and with more than six million products sold annually worldwide, WAHLER is one of the leading brands for thermostats and oil temperature thermostats.

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Wax elements

The key component of most thermostats is wax. They are filled with a special wax mixture that expands to a certain degree (required stroke) at a certain temperature (start-of-opening temperature). A spring ensures that the element returns to its initial position when the temperature drops.

Wax elements are used for a wide range of different applications including engine and transmission cooling circuits (oil and coolant) as well as industry applications.


  • Materials: Brass, Aluminium

Thermostat inserts

Thermostat inserts are used in a wide range of different applications in the coolant and oil circuit of an engine. Their key advantage is a good accessibility for service and a great variation of volume flow and working temperatures.

The design of our thermostatic inserts is particularly impressive due to its excellent media and vibration resistance and boasts a long service life even under extreme thermal and mechanical loads. Integrated in a transmission as a transmission oil level, temperature regulator or placed in an existing coolant circuit the Thermostat insert guarantees the flexibility that is needed in a complex thermal management system.


  • Volume flow: up to 32 m³/hr = 141 gal/min
  • Options: valve available with plate (up to approx. 18m³/hr = 79 gal/min) or slider (> 18 m³/hr = 79 gal/min)
  • Options: heating element
  • Standard features: Oil and glycol resistant
  • Temperatures: -40 °C – 150 °C = -40 F – 302 F
  • Materials:​ Brass, Aluminium
Integrierte Thermostate EN

Integrated thermostats

Our integrated thermostats are based on the design of the thermostat inserts. They are equipped with their own housing and special interface seals – and can thus be flexibly integrated and mounted on mechanical water pumps or directly on the motor without additional attachments.


  • Standard features: with interface seals
  • Options: heating element
  • Materials:​ Thermoplast (PA66, PPA, PPS), Aluminium

Housing thermostats

At WAHLER housing thermostats are designed and developed according to the original OEM packaging and requirements. They are also fully validated against internal and external influences.

Equipped with a mixing chamber, a cover and all required interfaces – such as seals and quick connectors/VDA couplings – our housing thermostats are ready for installation at their destination.


  • Standard features: with interface seals
  • Options: heating element
  • Materials:​ Thermoplast (PA66, PPA, PPS), Aluminium
Kennfeldgesteuerte Thermostate

Map-controlled thermostats

Based on a housing thermostat with an additional integrated heating element, the map-controlled thermostat is designed to react – to a certain degree – independently of the coolant temperature and thus to external influences.

The heating function is used by various OEM´S as a booster or support Add-On and can reduce the reaction time and therefor improve the performance of an engine.


  • Standard features: integrated heating element for 12V and 24V applications
  • Standard features: with interface seals
  • Materials:​ Thermoplast (PA66, PPA, PPS), Aluminium

oil temperature thermostats

To regulate the oil temperature in transmissions and industry applications, oil temperature thermostats are used, which have a very high media and temperature resistance and are specifically tailored to the requirements of an oil circuit.

Similar to our entire product range, these oil temperature thermostats were developed and validated customer-specifically and therefore offer the best quality and maximum robustness. The oil temperature thermostats are available as a housing, insert and plug-in version and therefor useable for all kind of applications.


  • Standard features: with interface seals
  • Options: heating element
  • Materials:​ Thermoplast (PPS), aluminium, stainless steel

EV Applications

We at WAHLER actively support our customers with the challenges of mobility change. We are constantly working on new products that can be used in current and future vehicles with electric drives.

Keeping the drive battery in an optimal temperature range is a requirement that we are already meeting today with our low-temperature expansion elements and housing thermostats.  These Wahler innovations are now being used successfully in existing EV vehicles.